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Speak directly to one of our coaches. 

If there's anything we've learned after a decade of coaching hybrid athletes, some of whom happen to be the most self-driven and self-motivated psychos out there, not everyone needs one on one coaching. Sometimes they just need a quick sit-down with a coach who understands their goals, what tools they have access to, and their timeframe. Using a series of solutions and paradigm shifts, our consultations are their own stand-alone powerhouse offering, and a fantastic introduction to our coaching team.

Whether it's to:

  • discuss training goals, nutrition goals, and overcome obstacles
  • correct and strengthen running gait
  • evaluate pain and fatigue and discuss possible correctives
  •  discuss mindset around training and implement behavioral strategies to overcome negative self-talk and limiting beliefs
  • evaluate lifting technique via video-call with a coach and receive drills and skill work to improve 

we have the coach and the consult for you.


60-Minute Coach Consultation

Speak to a coach one-on-one for 60 minutes to discuss any number of training or nutrition questions. Choose your coach or let us choose. When the consultation is complete, you are awarded a code for $75/off of any coaching package. If you choose to begin personalized programming with that (or any) coach, your consultation becomes free of cost.


"Ariana was able to set up a consult with me asap realizing that my questions and needs were fairly time sensitive. She listened well - even if she was well versed enough to have made assumptions (the correct ones) from our original text dialogue. I appreciated that she was an athlete with similar ambitions to my own and that while she knew the science she also knew my circumstances as she experienced them herself. 

Within 24 hours of implementing the diet conversation, my energy was back and my workouts felt incredible."


Gait Analysis + program

Let Nickademus take a look at your gait, talk you through your gait-cycle in real time, and help you adjust your training program to improve any gait deficiencies. One of our best-selling consultations for over half a decade.

Mental Performance Consultation

Coach Isabel Sloan is on deck.

Listen to Podcast HERE

Restoration Consultation

Discuss any chronic pain or fatigue, new or old, with Coach Kelsey Koger.

Olympic Lifting Analysis

For anyone interested in tackling olympic lifting but don't necessarily need to be coached, Coach Kenny has the perfect solution.

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