Ariana Scalfo

HIGHLIGHTS: Spartan Games Athlete 2021/Texas Run the Rose 11 Miler Women's Winner + Top 10 finish/Loves dogs/Hates long walks on the beach/Can touch her toes

Ariana Scalfo is a 5-year Alex Viada "Special Project" (how special? she hasn't quit yet, if that counts), NASM certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist, ACSM certified Personal Trainer, and voice of the Complete Human Performance Instagram. If she had to describe her experience to you, it would be "messing up as much as humanly possible at most things, and figuring it out as she went along."

While her childhood was spent being active, outside, and playing with bugs in the mud, Ariana's teenage years were riddled with periods of intense inactivity, illness, and pain while she navigated a 1-2 punch diagnosis of Celiac Disease and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (Hypermobility Type). She wasn't able to be physically active again until her mid-20s, when she began CrossFit with Coach Ken. Through her own process of self-discovery via every scaling option, limitation, and form of tendinitis imaginable, she realized that if she could, anyone could. Ariana now lifts and runs, sometimes rides bikes, and sometimes does wall balls.

A tenured nutrition coach, Ariana specializes in nutritional strategies for individuals with intense training schedules, body composition goals, digestive disorders, solving GI upset during activity, and ketosis w/carbohydrate periodization for endurance athletes. Ariana is incredibly familiar with training while injured, sick, or anemic, and will work with individuals with POTS, dysautonomia, EDS, or similar hypermobility disorders. Ariana passionately believes that with the right mindset, goals, and process orientation, all bodies are capable of adaptation. Expectations need to be realistic, the work needs to be constant, but there are shortcuts and she will find them. "Smarter, not harder." As the leader of the CHP: Women initiative, she passionately believes in education and empowerment as the keys to autonomy and "heavy metal" self development.

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Amy Lehman

I reached out to Ariana because I mean duh she is badass and I wanted guidance to become as badass and strong like her! She was able to talk with me and look at my body composition and meet me where I was. She motivates me to show up and pushes me to max out my lifts. Because of her, I realized maybe my old way wasn't the right direction in order to meet my body composition and physical goals as well as my mental health goals.

I had been doing the same lifts for years and not making any progress with both strength or muscle growth. I followed the RP physique program for 4 years and while Ariana stated it was a good program, it also kept me stagnant not allowing me to grow. I was scared to death to bench more than the bar when I first started and now a year later I am benching 130 lbs and deadlifting 200 lbs. I made more progress within a year than in 4 years. I am pretty much addicted to my training program and look forward to going to the gym.

I had right knee tendonitis for 2 1/2 years prior to starting my programming with Ariana. I had done physical therapy and steroids and although those treatments gave me some short lived pain relief it was not until about 6 months into my lifting program with Ariana that I noticed I could run 6 miles and not have knee pain. Through the lower body strengthening programming she prescribed me, I was able to resolve the tendonitis and that constant pain is gone. I seriously thought I was stuck with the tendonitis forever! 


Kevin Kuzia

I couldn't be more delighted to have Ariana as my coach. I think there are 2 big things about her that make her so special. First, she has an incredible level of care for me as an athlete, always looking to get as complete of feedback from me as possible. Even times when I think some some observation I've had isn't relevant, she wants to know. Second (and related), it's her attention to detail. She makes changes based on all the details in my training logs. She sets up my training in a way to account for my mindset and personality, knowing the best ways to motivate me to drive hard and also knowing when I need to ease up. Hell, she even notices the weather in my area to accommodate any outdoor training I may be doing! It's this level of care combined with her whipsmart head for training that makes her just such an awesome coach.

What I love about my training program is how its truly custom designed for me. One of my challenges with other programs and coaching groups I've worked with before is they were always looking for super specific training goals from me and I always felt incredibly limited with that approach. With CHP, they were so great about understanding that I was trying to find that personal hybrid sweet spot of strength + conditioning where if I wanted to try something new, it would be an easy shift. I recently started taking Muay Thai lessons for fun and for a new way to express my fitness and Ariana seamlessly shifted my programming to accommodate the change. Just awesome.

I'm hugely proud of the fact that I've set multiple strength and conditioning PRs while with CHP, sometimes in both areas within the same 2 weeks period. I couldn't believe it to find myself hitting a squat PR, all-time 1RM deadlift PR and output PRs on my Peloton. Again, this wasn't something where I had strength PRs in a strength block and then conditioning PRs 4 months later in a conditioning block. This was all occurring concurrently while not feeling utterly burned out at all. I was blown away by all of this and super proud of it.

Deanne Scalfo

 First coach Taylor Weglicki (no longer with CHP) was exactly what I needed, 6 years of CrossFit and realized I was quad dominant always protecting my back. Needed help and Taylor's PT expertise helped me focus on increasing my posterior chain strength and helped me run my first half marathon! Incorporating BOTH into my weekly training sessions. Second coach Jonathan Pain, we had fun testing the strength I had gained with Taylor, always challenging workouts.

Due to some issues, felt I needed a female to help me navigate some new challenges. Started with CHP Women group and now have Ariana Scalfo as my new coach. My main focus is overall strength and to have the endurance to complete long hikes with my husband. I do so well having accountability and love the feedback, having someone to answer questions and to modify things if needed.

I love the individuality of the program, that it changes as I change, as new goals or events come up we create a strategy to accomplish what's needed. I did 6 years of CrossFit, though I do miss the group dynamic, I really like working on things that are tailored specifically with MY goals in mind.

I so want to share the excitement and feeling of strength to mature women! It's so important, it feels so good. To have someone in your corner, saying "you can do this" is so helpful, we tend to (I do at least) limit ourselves but to have someone program something that you wouldn't even think to try and you do and you can and it's just so awesome!