Anthony D'Orazio

HIGHLIGHTS: BS, Duke University/PhD, Ohio State University/Natural Bodybuilding/Dog Lover/Lego Collector/Comic Enthusiast/Owns 2 Ball Pythons

Anthony D’Orazio joined CHP in 2014, and in his time with CHP he has successfully helped over 200 athletes with their fitness goals either through programming or diet writing. Anthony specializes in programming clients with body composition and physique goals, and has experience working with amateur boxers, BJJ practitioners, and individuals that would simply like to live a healthier lifestyle or move to a healthier weight.

Anthony supports a number of CHP athletes with their dietary goals by helping provide CHP’s weekly dieting service. Anthony graduated from Duke University in 2004 with a BS in Biology and a BA in Visual Art. After finishing his undergraduate degree Anthony spent a year working as a protein biochemist in the laboratory of Dan Kiehart at Duke University. He then moved to Columbus, Ohio to attend The Ohio State University for his graduate work. In 2012 he received his Ph.D. in Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology.

Beyond coaching Anthony has followed his interest in teaching and helping others by working as a lecturer in the biology program at Ohio State and Capital University. He is also the host of Complete Human Performance Radio and co-host of the Youtube show, "CHP Sports with Kenny and Anthony" with fellow coach Kenny Barber.

Creator of several of our Templates, Anthony is also available for Consults related to Nutrition, Training, Templates, or any Hybrid Endeavors.

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Jennifer Sprague

Prior to being introduced to hybrid training and CHP (shout out Dru Madrid), I thought it wasn't possible to do both endurance and strength. I've always been a runner and tried almost every flavor of group studio training that ultimately were all conditioning (HIIT, light weights, high volume, and no progression).

With CHP and incorporating true strength training (touched a bbell for the first time ever), I've finally seen improvements in my muscle tone and body comp. I also love that I can perform and improve without workouts that "redline" and leave me completely exhausted the rest of the day. Also, it's a fun party trick to tell folks you only run 3 days a week in prep for a marathon.

I really appreciate Anthony's straightforward approach that pushes me to perform, but also can intuit when I need to step back or need some extra encouragement.

He also does a wonderful job with meaningful programming even with concurrent goals and external challenges (travel, no gym, etc). I came to CHP after a significant weight loss. Though I was thrilled to be at a healthy weight for the first time in my life, I felt frail and didn't love how I looked. CHP training has drastically improved my body comp and has also boosted my self-confidence that bleeds over into other areas of my life especially professionally and being willing to take risks.

I've completed a sub-4 hr marathon, impromptu backyard ultra (30 mi), hiking 80 miles in a week with significant elevation and feeling great, squatting more than my bodyweight, visible delts!

Rich Wilson

Anthony is great about working around my super hectic life and schedule, but still making sure I get training that works for me. Also, being in my 40's and still doing multiple crazy/stupid sports, I have various injuries that he is great about adjusting for. It's much more tailored to what I need personally, and where I am with life and athletic endeavors.

Also, I feel like Anthony's programs push me much harder than I would push myself. There are things in there that no way would I pick for myself because I hate them (LOL), but if he writes it, I do it, and it makes me better!

Done a half IM with a broken chunk of bone floating around in my ankle. Won money throwing at a few Highland games events in Scotland. Age group podium in a tri and winning my class in a highland games within weeks of each other.

Complete Human month of destruction: Triathlon one weekend, highland games the next, Mojave Death Race the third weekend (also drove back from the Death Race on zero sleep with dead legs, and scored the game-winner in my hockey league championship game). That was a heck of a month.

Multiple appearances at highland games world championship events, too many PRs to remember. I love the accountability factor. Anthony is kind of an old friend now, even though we've never met in person. I still care about every rep and every mile like he's there watching me put in the work.

Duncan Bonnici

I started training with Anthony around 2 years ago. I saw improvement in both the strength and endurance domains, especially lately. Workouts are always challenging enough to encourage change but not too hard (which makes the experience always pleasant). Anthony adapts the workouts according to the athlete's needs and the feedback provided. He is always readily available and takes time to explain things.

Before CHP I was training for OCR. Since OCR the 'Hybrid' component, the training style was not too different from what I was doing before, especially the endurance part. The strength session workouts where what I enjoy most and I feel that it also helped me for my LISS runs.

The fact that workout splits change frequently it keeps things interesting and keeps me motivated.

175 Kg deadlift (started with around 80Kg)
Pullups (bw + 15Kg) - 6 reps (started with 5 pullups BW)
bench press - 112Kg (needs to be re-evaluated but this was my PR a few months ago, might have gone up)